UK-Qatar fund to invest in cybersecurity

Cyber_securityAn investment firm with offices in London and Doha has raised $100 million to invest in companies that seek to tackle cybercrime. Vauban Group says its Vauban Cyber Security fund aims to make investments of less than $10 million each in technology companies offering cybersecurity services. “We are seeing a strong demand for increasingly technological cybersecurity solutions from multinational companies and governments in Europe, the US and the Middle East,” said Omar Bitar, general manager of Vauban Cyber Security. “In recent years we have seen a number of significant security breaches affecting some of the largest, most powerful organisations but we are confident with the right solutions in place we can mitigate the risk and provide protection against such threats.” Founded in 2015, Vauban Group was named after a 16th century French military architect whose principle was “defence in depth”. ©2017 funds global mena

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